The EU seems committed to funding the reconstruction of Ukraine, even as it fails to take the necessary actions to stop the continuing destruction of the country.

The bloc plans to establish a trust to fund reconstruction, but with ongoing and escalating hostilities, including a renewed offensive on Ukraine’s black sea ports, such moves seem premature to many.

As of yet, the EU still refuses to stop purchases of Russian oil and gas which are directly funding the bloodshed, leading Russia to continue stockpiling foreign reserves and rebuild its depleted armaments stockpiles.

There is also a donut hole of banks operating in Russia who have been left untouched by the sanctions, including foreign banks competing for the wealth fleeing out of the country, and which allow Russians to continue to benefit from access to the global financial system despite the war crimes committed with those funds.

The EU has granted 600M Euros so far to Ukraine in “soft loans” and already plans to disburse another 600M before the Summer. The IMF has also approved $1.4 billion dollars in funding, and cancelled $2.2 billion in previous loans.