Yesterday (April 16th), former national legislator Chen Po-wei withdrew from the Taiwan Statebuilding Party (TSP). He did so through a post on Facebook where he made it clear that he wanted no hard feelings against the party.

In the post Chen goes over the ups and downs he’s faced over the recent years. Discussing his recall and debates with staff and the party, and also how the party helped him become who he is.

Chen states that he simply didn’t fit in the TSP and wasn’t radical enough to continue on. However, he doesn’t want this to create rifts with his former party.

He said that he will continue to support many of the candidates that come out of the TSP, he also encouraged his followers to do the same. He also asks them not to misunderstand this situation and not to attack the party.

Chen was probably the most well-know and controversial figure in the TSP. He won election in to the Legislative Yuan in 2020 and was recalled in late 2021.

Chen’s leaving may lower the visibility of the young party, though it could reduce potential infighting and controversy as well.

The Taiwan Statebuilding Party is running numerous candidates all over Taiwan in the local elections this year, so it will be interesting to see how they do in light of this announcement, and if it affects the party’s direction going forward.