Taiwanese pro-democracy activist and NGO worker Lee Ming-che has finally arrived back home in Taiwan after 5 long years in Chinese prison.

Lee returned to Taiwan on a Xiamen Air flight on Friday (April 15th). He was greeted by local media and CDC workers in hazmat suits to rush him off to quarantine.

Lee was detained in China 5 years ago and charged with “subversion of state power”. He was mostly incommunicado, though did initially have some visits with his wife when she was allowed to visit China. Unfortunately, Lee Ching-yu, Lee Ming-che’s wife, was not allowed to visit her husband any longer.

Lee Ching-yu was also barred from visiting her husband after she was outspoken about the horrid conditions her husband was being held in. She said that he was being served putrid food that he couldn’t eat, resulting in him losing weight. She also complained that he was forced to labor for up to 10 hours a day and had inadequate clothing.

Recently, there have been human rights groups calling for Lee’s release, fearing that it might not come. Thankfully his release occurred more or less around the time it was expected to happen.

I can only say that I hope he is getting some much needed and deserved rest. I also hope that his wife is with him as they have both gone through unbelievable grief and torture at the hands of the CCP.

There will of course be updates from Lee when he begins talking to the press, though hopefully he will get to take care of himself first. When those interviews come, we will keep you updated here.