Last night, Kaohsiung unfortunately saw its first shooting. The crime occurred at a hot pot restaurant in Sinsing District in central Kaohsiung.

Multiple KMT lawmakers took to social media to question the leadership of Chen Chi-mai. However, to be fair to the Mayor, shootings have been coming down under his leadership.

In 2021 there were 6 shootings in Kaohsiung, this was down from 13 two years ago under former Mayor Han Kuo-yu. However, it is certain that there is criminal activity in Kaohsiung and that the Mayor and city government must work hard to ensure that there are no weapons with which to carry out such crimes.

Chen said that he will work with the police to work tirelessly to bring in those that wish to do crime in the city. The shooter from last night’s crime was reportedly caught only 4 hours after the incident.