Joseph Wu announced today that the US will soon be announcing a new arms sale to Taiwan. He said that this will happen soon.

America has sold 11 batches of weapons to Taiwan since 2019. The need for this seems ever more needed as we continually watch the brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russia. This also comes as a Russian human rights group has said that they have obtained a confidential document from the Russian Federal Security Service (FBS). This document alleges that an invasion of Taiwan by China will happen in the Fall of this year. It should be stressed that there has been no confirmation whatsoever of the veracity of this document, it could be entirely fraudulent.

However, China has said over and over that it will use force to make Taiwan a part of China, because the CPP, just like the Russian government, are psychotic ethnonationalists hellbent on expanding their empire. It certainly doesn’t hurt to prepare defenses now. Democratic nations should also make clear that they will accept no further invasions.