Recently Taiwan has sent multiple rounds of aid packages to Ukraine as the nation sees increasingly horrifying humanitarian issues linked to Russia’s brutal invasion.

This morning a delivery of around 800 boxes of donations to help those in Ukraine have arrived. These materials include feminine hygiene products, warm clothes, blankets, diapers, and other items needed for daily

Joanne Ou (歐江安) a Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, expressed her gratitude to Taiwanese people for these donations. She also reminded people that these items must have a remaining shelf life of at least 6 months and be new and in the original packaging.

These donations come as Taiwan has been continuously donating money and goods such as medical aid to Ukraine. Russia has obviously taken umbrage with this and have placed Taiwan on a list of unfriendly countries. Taiwan has also promised to assist Ukrainians already in Taiwan and has been discussing letting in Ukrainian students to help with the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s aggression. Ukraine has also expressed the desire to work with Taiwan in the future.