As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, Taiwan continues to look for ways to help. Their next step could be providing Ukrainian students with visas to study in Taiwan.

Today, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu held a press conference about offering relief to Ukraine. Many possible routes were discussed. Wu said that if family members of Ukrainians working or studying in Taiwan wish to come here to stay with them they would be welcomed. The Foreign Minister also said that also stated that those already here will have their visas extended if needed, as he has promised in the past.

Wu has also said that they are looking into extending visas to Ukrainian students that wish to come to Taiwan to study. He said that if a decision on a specific policy for these students is reach, the Foreign Ministry will immediately announce it.

Taiwan has firmly expressed its desire to help Ukraine wherever it can. The nation has already raised over NT$300 million to donate to aid Ukrainians. Taiwan has also donated 27 tons of medical equipment to support Ukraine as it is brutally invaded by Russia.

There will likely be more donations by Taiwan as the war continues on. Ukraine has already thanked Taiwan for its generosity and stated that they are looking forward to closer ties between the two countries in the future.