Polling suggests a tight presidential race in South Korea held this week.

The ruling Democratic Party, which favors softer relations with North Korea, faces off against the conservative People Power Party, which favors a more hardline approach against the DPRK.

Foreign policy issues, especially regarding the recently fully nuclear North as well as relations with China, are still balanced in the minds of voters with domestic economic and social issues such as skyrocketing housing prices and cost of living increases.

Yoon, the conservative candidate, demands that the North denuclearize before cooperation with the South can resume, as well as aiming to resume joint military exercises with the US, a sticky point with the North.

Lee, the DP candidate, instead supports a continuation of the existing policy of cooperation without preconditions, as well as the scaling back of those exercises.

Their relationship between the South, the North, and the US are also intimately linked with their relationship between China and Japan, which the two parties aim to balance in different ways.