As the Russian invasion of Ukraine rages on, Taiwan has donated 27 tons of medical supplies to Ukraine to help the millions that have been displaced or injured because of Putin’s senseless attempt at empire building, and also to show solidarity to a fellow democratic nation.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that it makes this donation in the spirit of “Taiwan Can Help”, Taiwan’s often used slogan when attempting to help other nations around the world. They hope that this donation will help the millions displaced by the violent Russian invasion.

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted the story many were happy and supportive of the move. However, some noticed that the goods would be shipped to Europe via China Airlines. China Airlines is of course a Taiwanese company, unfortunately many outside of Taiwan are likely unaware of this. Many in Taiwan have expressed regret that this may create misunderstandings with those receiving the aid erroneously believing that the aid was coming from China.

It is almost certain that the Ukrainians, especially those receiving the shipment will know that it is from Taiwan. It would be unfortunate if some incorrectly believed the donation was coming from China, however, much more important than Taiwan receiving credit is that Ukrainians that are suffering and fighting for their freedom get the aid they so desperately need.