After numerous rumors about a possible visit to Taiwan by former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the trip has been confirmed to be visiting Taiwan at the beginning of March.

It is being reported that Pompeo will visit with people from various fields in Taiwan including President Tsai, academics, and those in the business community. He will also attend a banquet with Vice President William Lai.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has praised Pompeo as a close ally of Taiwan. Stating that he helped facilitate arms sales to Taiwan from the US, strengthening commitments to Taiwan, lifting former restrictions on exchanges between the US and Taiwan, and declassifying documents, including those related the “six guarantees” of the US.

The meeting has been mostly praised by the media in Taiwan. This is at least partially because friends of Taiwan are sometimes difficult to find due to the current geological implications. However, in America Pompeo is a much more controversial figure. Seen by some as pushing for armed conflict abroad and enabling former President Trump.

The move is likely to make many Taiwanese very happy about the potential for improved relations between the two countries. It will likely anger a certain country to Taiwan’s west (but they’re always angry about something). Whether it will make much of a difference in US-Taiwan relations as Pompeo is no longer in office is to be seen.