Taiwanese media has reported recently that there are signs that TSMC is increasingly cognizant of its large and potentially outsized role in Taiwan’s economy. Through scanning social media sites, it was detected that TSMC is now seeking talent that changes its focus from so called “industrial competitiveness” to “national competitiveness,” indicative of a frame shift as TSMC increasingly recognizes its role as the buoy of Taiwan’s economic prowess in the international system.

TSMC in recent days posted an opening seeking a business intelligence analyst with a background in political economy, analytically integrating news, reports and the internet to track political and economic changes affecting the IC supply chain Road Forum, preferable with a Ph.D. in Political Economy or International Relations.

Some claim that this indicates TSMC’s increasing focus on its unique position as chips represent the cornerstone of the international supply chain in a way that Taiwan has only recently become fully aware of. TSMC may seek to leverage its position to promote Taiwan’s place politically to help its exports. Still, TSMC has also been recently hedging against political unrest in Taiwan, and potential trade and supply chain issues by investing in a plant in Arizona which might threaten the primacy of Taiwan’s role in the chip supply chain.