Former Taiwanese President, Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), received a threatening letter on Wednesday (February 9th). The letter was reportedly from Hong Kong, where Ma was born, and is currently being investigated.

The letter was smeared with red dye and contained 2 pieces of ghost money. The letter told Ma and the KMT not to block Hong Kongers from coming to Taiwan, continuing on to say that those who block them will die. The letter also had 5 skulls and three bombs illustrated on it. At the bottom of the letter was the famous Hong Kong protest slogan, “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times” (光復香港,時代革命), which has been banned as seditious in Hong Kong after the anti-extradition and anti-National Security law protests saw millions take to the street in opposition.

The authorities received the letter immediately from Ma’s office and began an investigation. They lifted two fingerprints from the piece of paper, but have yet to match them with any individuals.

Apparently Ma was not the only one to receive such a letter. Current KMT legislator, Lee Guei-Min (李貴敏) was likewise sent an identical letter.

Taiwan has taken a fair amount of Hong Kongers looking to flee the increasingly restrictive Hong Kong, especially after the passing of the National Security Law. Last year Taiwan actually set a record for the number of new immigrants from Hong Kong, though most are on temporary visas. However, many feel that Taiwan is still not doing enough for those that are in great danger in Hong Kong, as it quickly grows more authoritarian and slips deeper under the control of China.