Taiwanese metal band Flesh Juicer (血肉果汁機) is receiving a lot of international attention for its music video for the song “Modern Siren”. The song was a collaboration between the band and vocalist Julia Wu (吳卓源).

The video has now been nominated for numerous awards including being selected for both the Rome and Munich Music Video Awards. It has also won Best Animation Music Video at the London Best Music Video Awards. The video was created by Chunmu Studio (春沐國際) and is a beautifully animated video.

The band has been enjoying quite a bit of success in Taiwan lately, and now it seems internationally as well. They were even chosen to play for the ongoing drone show at the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival.

The band’s songs are almost exclusively in Taiwanese which literally gives voice to a language that is losing many speakers every year, though could perhaps see a reissuance with more young people taking interest, at least partially because of artists like Flesh Juicer using it in their music. Hopefully this is a good sign for the band in the years to come, and for recognition of Taiwanese music and language around the world.