After an outbreak of COVID-19 in Kaohsiung, the southern Taiwanese city has finally seen a day with 0 cases.

This is particularly good news as the Lunar New Year holiday wraps up and students prepare to return to school and workers return to their jobs. Kaohsiung tested tens of thousands of individuals, especially around the harbor, where the outbreak initially occurred.

Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁), the Mayor of Kaohsiung, took time recently to thank healthcare workers at testing facilities and local clinics for their work in testing and helping to stem the spread of the virus. He also encouraged those in Kaohsiung to continue wearing their masks and social distancing to ensure that the city can prevent further spread.

Chen also urged people to get vaccinated. He announced today that those 75 years or older will receive a gift card of NT$500 when they receive their vaccination. Individuals that are 18 or older will receive NT$200 for their first or second shot. This is due to older individuals seeing much lower vaccination rates than younger individuals, which can be seen in the CDC’s data.

Whether or not a few 100 NT will have much of an effect on vaccination rates specifically for the elderly, and the population in general, yet is to be seen. Such incentive programs have seemingly had some positive results in other places around the world. One thing is certain though, Kaohsiung residents are happy to see a day of 0 cases, and hope that things stay that way.