The final stretch of renovation for the Love River in Kaohsiung has begun today. This section of the river is in Bagualiao (八卦寮), in Renwu District (仁武區), located in northern Kaohsiung.

The hope is that this area can be used for not only recreation purposes, but also for ecological protection and flood discharge once completed. As part of this, the government is hoping to replace two older activity centers that were demolished to accommodate the project with one larger one.

Along with the activity center, planners intend to build playground equipment, rock climbing walls, and plant more than 300 native species of plants around the park being built encompassing the final section of the river.

Locals in the area have long complained about flooding in the area, however already completed renovation to the Love River and the greater Kaohsiung drainage system have improved the situation significantly. Once completed the construction of the park and drainage area will likely make the situation even more friendly to residents, along with creating a beautiful area to relax in.

Total costs for the renovation project were around NT$300 million, of which the city government subsidized NT$200 million and the municipal government footed NT$100 million.