Those convicted of drunk driving in Kaohsiung might now be sent to clean tombs and various other facilities at funeral homes.

Following a recent drunk driving incident that killed a woman and put her husband and two children in the hospital, Mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁) announced that those caught driving under the influence should be sent to do community service at funeral homes. This morning, a group people that had been convicted of drunk driving did just that.

11 individuals convicted of drunk driving went to the Kaohsiung Mortuary Services Office (高雄市殯葬管理處) to clean the grounds including around the tombs and the crematorium. The group reportedly cleaned for four hours and seemed to take lessons away from being so close to death.

Whether this will deter future cases of drunk driving is still yet to be seen, but it is a very unique punishment that gives back to the community and shows these drivers what they risk when they get behind the wheel drunk.