Despite Bloomberg’s cringeworthy claims that only through authoritarian draconianism, through measures practiced in China such as allegedly cremating COVID victims while alive, can the Wuhan coronavirus be controlled, Taiwan, from September 28th to October 8th, had an 11 day stretch with no local infections detected.

The news outlet’s penchant for publishing articles implicitly praising authoritarianism is the latest frightening and unscientific development as earlier this year, they published a spate of editorials arguing for legislating population-wide vaccine mandates while at the same time bemoaning mask mandates as redundant.

China has been accused of incinerating patients when they were still alive to prevent the spread, according to allegations, which facebook later bizarrely labelled fake news and blocked because of the social media firm’s inability to corroborate the claim, despite being banned in the country and thus having limited content there. Other videos cited by the CBC showed city officials welding shut the doors to homes with infected individuals inside, essentially leaving them either to die without treatment, or starve to death.

Alternatively, Taiwan’s COVID response in 2021 has been labelled as both chaotic and sometimes without firm basis in epidemiological data, with their vaccination programs relying on crude experimentation with dose-mixing, and providing certain vaccines to groups for whom they are not recommended out of claims of scarcity. Nevertheless, with only 9.7% of the population being fully vaccinated as of 9/28, Taiwan once again managed to break through to zero cases for an extended period.

Thus, the CECC and Taiwan’s democratic system should be given significant credit for its achievements, with all of the many faults that it has and devastating mistakes that it has made.

It should also make clear to the world that despite the false predictions and platitudes from characters such as Tedros and Bill Gates that vaccines alone were the “key” to controlling the virus, and the confusing and unscientific doublespeak from others such as Joe Rogan that masks are partially effective and thus without value, or from Joe Biden that border closures are “racist,” the virus cares little for ideological drivel. The Wuhan coronavirus has ravaged America and the rest of the world because of peoples’ refusal to effectively seal their borders, implement strict, legally enforceable and uniform quarantine measures, regardless of wealth, job title, connection to government elites, or vaccination status, and implement mask rules and temperature checks at any and every large gathering center. Through those simple to understand, but difficult to maintain measures, and only when the CECC chose to fully enforce them, which they often did not, Taiwan was and is still able to remain at zero cases.

Bloomberg’s editorial staff should reconsider their reckless and unscientific approach that, once again, ignores the success of Taiwan to the benefit of the totalitarianism of the PRC. Such claims reflect the sheer propensity of humans to seek the crudest and most ineffectual solutions despite evidence of their faults staring them in the face.


Staff writer Ari B