Despite the abysmal performance of nearly every country in the world in following the few simple rules that would have prevented a global pandemic, egotism, hubris, and stupidity have left us in the ditch where our species now lie.

As Ilhan Omar accused Israel of hypnotizing the world, it now appears that the world is newly hypnotized by Pfizer as part of the vaccine industrial complex, formerly derisively labelled “big pharma” by many of the same people that now sing its praises.

Pfizer BioNtech is arguably one of the least effective vaccines, developed and distributed by two of the most craven companies on the face of the earth. This has not stopped inept governments, from Joseph Robinette Biden to the Taiwanese CECC from partnering them to enrich their shareholders at the expense of public health and the taxpayers.

Despite the fact that the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine’s development was funded with public money, the governments who footed the bill for its creation gave the monster full leeway to restrict international licensing of their for-profit vaccine, meaning less vaccinated people, and then to cover up its flaws through buying favorable coverage (VOA has literally never covered the risks of any American vaccine), and propagandize it as the magic pill that will solve this global crisis, as if masks, contact tracing, and mandatory quarantines, or any other effortful preventive measure are longer necessary.

Take the Taiwanese approach.

BioNtech, in colluding with the Chinese government and severing the agreement made with Taiwan to supply the country earlier this year made clear that they would rather allow every man, woman, and child in Taiwan to die rather than go against the wishes (and cash) of their new Chinese owners. Despite this, Taiwan, through a still opaque deal made with the pro-Chinese industrialist Guo Tai Min, agreed to pay the genocidal company hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars for the privilege to import their vaccine, but the price paid, the details of the deal, and the origin of the vaccine themselves are still being kept confidential from the Taiwanese people for some inexplicable reason.

This behavior and government mismanagement has led to the current situation, for which data shows that Taiwan’s single dose vaccination rate as of September 21st has not even reached 50 percent, and the full vaccination rate stands at an absolutely shameful 7.3%, despite the fact that local vaccines are now readily available.

Despite these abysmal statistics, and despite the fact that the government has already pursued completely untested and experimental mixed-dose regimes with Medigen for public health workers, the state decided that rather than fully vaccinate the remaining adult population who are at the highest risk of complications from the Wuhan coronavirus, that in order to pretend that the country can resume normal life by restarting in-person schooling, they have decided to use those highly coveted foreign-developed vaccines on the entire school age population, ages 12-18.

This is being done despite the fact that in Israel, which also vaccinated children with Pfizer BNT earlier this year, its absolutely minimal protection against Delta has meant that the country, despite its over 70% full-dose vaccination rate, is still undergoing a full scale wave of outbreak with “an average of nearly 7,500 confirmed cases a day” according to NPR.

Israel, rather than learning its lessons about the poor protection offered by Pfizer, doubled down recently by offering a third vaccine, less than a year after the original cycle, to its older citizens. In what can only be described as evidence of obvious graft, undeterred by the vaccines’ ineffectiveness at preventing mass infection amongst the vaccinated, the government has now begun stockpiling vaccines for another, fourth booster, again within a year, absolutely unprecented in the very long history of human vaccination.

The United States has taken those heartwarming stories, some of which are so outrageous that they warrant bribery investigations, and announced their own debt-limit breaking contract with Pfizer BNT, where the US government will pay full price (now only 25% higher than the US paid to vaccinate its own citizens), at a cost of nearly 25,000,000,000 USD to buy one billion doses of the weakly effective (39% against Delta) Pfizer BNT vaccine for other countries.

While it is outrageous that the US would consider one of the weakest vaccines available, one not developed by a US company, and one developed based on the alpha strain’s spike proteins, they ought to have done this as soon as American vaccination rates began declining, but instead waited a full 10 months after the US began vaccination its own citizens and chose a single, corrupt, Chinese pharmaceutical partnership with substandard products.

One can only wonder how these two pharmaceutical companies, multibillionare giant Pfizer, and the genocidal Chinese-owned BioNtech, have made the world forget their failures and sins, and still grovel at their feet for a taste of their drugs.