Gavin Newsom, with about 15 months left in his term, is facing a recall election that now is largely centered on his performance in dealing with the Wuhan Coronavirus, though it is worth noting that this effort began in February 2020 before many restrictions were put in place.

California gubernatorial recall elections are unique in that they ask not only if the governor should be recalled, but also for a replacement candidate on the same ballot, rather than calling for a separate new election for their replacement.

There are 46 candidates running, and with such divisions, a winner could emerge to replace Newsom while receiving far less than 50% of the vote.

Republicans have held their first debate in the effort, and missing was the ever covetous of attention Jenner.

Besides the strange choice to flee the United States in the middle of a political campaign to receive five hundred thousand dollars to appear on a celebrity reality show in Australia, Jenner’s lack of judgement is irrelevant to the fact that she is essentially aiming for a re-run of Donald Trump’s political rise.

Australians have been fuming at the hypocrisy in recent weeks as incoming flight caps at 3,000 people per week have left nearly 30,000 Australians stranded abroad as lockdowns began again in earnest, with exceptions made by the states for foreign celebrities, which Jenner promptly took advantage of, sparking deep outrage.

A 71 year-old low-tier reality TV star, with a tenuous grasp on the truth and reality, she is performing dismally in polls. Yet similarly to Donald Trump, it may not be her ultimate attention to win, but to stoke her ego and build her brand.

Just like in 2016, every time Trump sneezed, the press was there to cover his actions and fawn over how ridiculous and unlikely his bid was, while lending credibility and free publicity to his ultimately successful campaign.

The media seem to have learned no lessons over the past five years, and Jenner is exploiting this blind spot with similar success.

Now that Jenner will spend the coming months in Australia, her campaign will be limited to clips coming from her Big Brother appearances.

We can only hope her political career is as disappointing (nonexistent) as her acting career.


Staff writer: Ari B