First off, sorry for the minor audio issues we had, blame it on Ari’s Mac, but I did the best to fix and edit it up so it is somewhat coherent. Just know the jokes you missed were funnier than you could ever imagine! Enjoy the episode and send us some money so Ari can get a decent PC 🙂 On this one we talk travel, monarchies, the latest stimulus bill, China telling the UK to back off of Hong Kong, the violence continuing in Myanmar, India’s foreign reserves growing quickly and building lots of electronic scooters, Pakistan scrambling to find money to pay back the UAE, AMLO (the president of Mexico) fighting to make natural resources public again, Thailand putting prisoners to work because of the labor shortage due to covid, organizing, the filibuster, China cracking down on bitcoin mining and maybe getting into the crypto game themselves, vaccine diplomacy and rich counties blocking vaccine wavers, and much more! Thanks for listening and never forget FCP最大!

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