Tax day, cancel culture and what’s acceptable, Trump gives clemency to Roger Stone, Singapore again overwhelmingly elects the People’s Action party (shocking!), RBG is back in the hospital, allegations of sexual misconduct in the Taiwan Legislature, Chinese numbers on the flooding in China and their economy, China is beginning to tax its citizens on money made abroad and potential implications, the Conways,Jake Tapper  (not his adult film name) went in on Andrew Cuomo, 32% of US households missed housing/rent payment in July, issues with green energy in Taiwan and some possible solutions, inequality and remnants of colonialism in India, China puts sanctions on US officials in response to US putting sanctions on CCP officials, numbers prominent protesters and organizers in Hong Kong are facing trial for the 6/4 commemoration this year, a Trump executive order hinted at US helping to train the Hong Kong Police Force, the Trump administration disseminating the Open Technology Fund (a fund used by millions around the world to help get information and organize even under repressive regimes), and more! Thanks for listening and never forget FCP最大!


Sorry for the bag rustling noise, Ari is a hedonistic pig and sorry for Jordan’s mic, he’s an idiot too.