A horrifying story of sexual exploitation in South Korea (TW for sexual abuse/violence), US presidential race, Bruce Aylward makes a fool of himself and the WHO, coronavirus, Trump finally using the Defense Production Act, and much more. Thanks for listening! Love y’all! And never forget FCP最大!

2 thoughts on “Free China Pod: You Need a Mask and Bruce Aylward Needs a Muzzle”

  1. Well he also had a cozy relationship with big pharma during the Ebola epidemic. There was a Canadian start up that strangely received red carpet reception for novel drug that was already shown to be potentially harmful in animals. And the same was quickly seen in humans.

    As well during this epidemic he has been fronting remdesivir without any obvious reason.

    Check his records.

    Every document from the WHO in the past is without declaration of conflicts of interest. Also there are no names on their advice/declaration. No accountability. Very handy. “See no evil, hear no evil.”

    He seems manipulative with his passive-agressive style, but also has clumsy style that does not do him any favours.

    They make Sepp Blater and FIFA look like kindergarden.

    This smells like organized malevolent syndicate.

    US supreme court has started a shakedown on harmful practise at the IMF/World Bank, stripped it from immunity, perhaps time to shine some ligth in dark corners of this clandestine center, and like most criminal set ups the name is deceptive. It sounds benign/harmless.


    When asked to appear before Canadian politicians for a “hearing”, he refused twice and then had get a summons.

    What is he afraid of? Extradition to the USA?

    His boss would prefer written questions that a lawyer could help him answer. (Maybe Chinese CCP lawyer would write and approve it?).

    He should be red flagged and arrested whenever he steps outside Confedration Helvetica.

    Canada could revoke his position at WHO and call him back.

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