On this episode The Nortious Ari B is in studio. First you’ll notice the beautiful sounds of Ari’s fat ass eating into the mic, a sound we all know and love, then we discuss Big Foot erotica (is it the key to winning elections?), the Julian Assange indictment, Trump’s trade war and its potential end, China’s human rights violations, Saudi and the West’s unwillingness to deal with these violations even as they lament human rights violations, direct democracy and is it important?, New Amazon HQ, police kill ‘good guy with a gun’ in Chicago, our personal stories of interactions with police, how to reform the police, this all leading up to our prolonged discussion on the infamous “Hugh Mungus” which dives deep into identity politics, sexism, and lots lots more.  Thanks for listening! Please share with your friends, share on social media, share and rate us on your favorite podcast app under ‘Free China Pod’, comment, and follow on socials @freechinapost.  Love y’all!

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