Around 2,000 protesters marched in front of the presidential office on Sunday.  They were participating in an annual demonstration against nuclear power.  Sunday marked the 7th anniversary of the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plan disaster.  The event was hosted by the National Nuclear Abolition Action Platform, and attended by numerous other anti-nuclear groups.

Leaders of the movement to denuclearize Taiwan believe the government is not moving in the right direction when it comes to nuclear energy.  The approval of the reopening of the Guosheng reactor (國聖核能發電廠).  Which seems to go against the government’s promise of eliminating nuclear power by 2025.

Currently Taiwan obtains around 20 percent of its total energy from nuclear power.  Which is where they want their renewable energy levels to be when nuclear is phased out.  However, this will be a serious task because the current level of renewable energy is around 5 percent.  They also wish to lower thermal coal 45 to 30 percent.  The Tsai administration also plans to raise natural gas’s share from 35 to 50 percent.

This will be a tall order, but it seems that Taiwan is also taking great strides to save the environment.  The government also plans to curtail the use of all non-recyclable plastics by 2030, which they have been making progress on.  It remains to be seen if it will stay on schedule until it comes to fruition though.

President Tsai came out the same day of the protest to assure those living in Taiwan that the government will continue to work towards these goals.  She did say that it will take time.  Which under the current circumstances will be difficult.  In any case that day comes, it is certain that many residents of Taiwan will take to the streets to make their voices heard on their stance on nuclear power.