For residents of the Northern Taiwanese city of Taoyuan, Daxi district is known as the home of dougan (豆干), firm tofu cubes that in Daxi are often served with spicy and savory sauces, and a stick for snack-style consumption.

The festival will be hosted in Daxi district’s Zhong Zheng park during the final two weekends of March, and will feature games, snacks, DIY dougan making, and the making of a giant dougan, in which guests will be able to share and eat.

Saturday 3/17 – The first day’s focus is on a soup filling called tangyuan (湯圓), a kind of rice dumpling that is supposed to symbolize fullness in life.

Sunday 3/18 – The second day’s focus will remind us of the history of the town of Daxi. In 1963, the town was flooded, and to prevent famine, the head of the PuJi Temple (普濟堂), in Daxi, ordered the production of an assortment of preserved foods, including, dougan, dried radishes, and a salty porridge, which were all shared with the hungry. It thus became a Daxi tradition, and it is now the cultural home of this food in Taoyuan. This day is about fraternity and care, and is celebrated with eating dougan peace porridge.

Saturday 3/24 – The third day is focused on the creation and consumption of a giant portion of dougan, meant to be shared and eaten by everyone. This is typically one of the highlights of the festival.

Sunday 3/25 – The last day’s focus is on relaxation, and will feature desserts, including instruction on how to make high end delights, and soybean related foods.

During this festival, guests will be able to partake in cooking activities, sampling dozens of vegetarian tofu based snacks, and seeing all of beautiful historical Daxi’s most treasured sights, including the old temples, parks, museums, Chiang Kai Chek’s old residence, and the old streets and alleys that make this quiet and picturesque town so unique in Taoyuan and Taiwan.

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Staff writer: Ari B