Republicans are incredible hypocrites on shut downs.  This is clear from their flip flopping depending on whether it fits their position or not.  The first video is from Mike at the Humanist Report, a YouTube Channel that I would recommend following.  He does a good job of destroying Cruz, which is not too hard being he is one of the smarmiest politicians alive today.  I hope the American people realize that the Republicans are the reason that the government shut down the first time and if it does so again it is also their fault.  Dems should not capitulate to demands that will hurt the American people just because the Republicans are trying to make them feel bad.  Claire McCaskill, a Democratic senator from Missouri, tried to ensure that the military would be funded even in spite of shut down, and the Republicans denied her. The Republicans also already used reconciliation to pass their overwhelmingly unpopular tax bill.  This can only be used once per fiscal year and thus they can’t use it now and are threatening a shut down.  If the government shuts down it is the Republicans fault.  They control all three branches of government. The Dems shouldn’t forget to scream this at every chance and neither should you.